Vacation in mountain bike in the heart of Tuscany


Tour Duration:
7 days ( 5 days on bike)
Type of Tour:
"A margherita" (the start of the trip in the morning to the end in the afternoon will always be from your accommodation).
Dates of Tour:
No binding dates, Each participant can customize the departure date of the tour and be free from specific dates.
Start tour:
Finish tour:
On Saturday
Difficulty Level:


The tour is entirely set in a beautiful "triangle of land" disputed in the Middle Ages between the cities of Florence, Siena and Volterra; in Castelfiorentino (point of origin and destination for all the tours), there was a peace treaty signed in 1260 between the rivals Florence and Siena.
The tour will seem like you are riding on a canvas painted by an artist with amazing hues and shades of yellow, green, and blue. Rolling hills cut with roads and lanes in stone. Rows of cypress trees that stand on the golden fields of wheat and sunflowers. Ancient walls, churches, and castles that dominate the entire cultivated slopes that are artistically surrounded by the olive groves and vineyards. Towns from medieval times that show a great wine and food culture envied all over the world. Villages that preserve the authentic traditions that have been handed down for hundreds of years.
At the end of the day, unbelievable food and an amazing glass of Chianti wine will give you the perfect energy to face the trip of the next day.

- Sunday: Arrive and a welcome in Castelfiorentino.
- Monday: Castelfiorentino, San Miniato, Castelfiorentino.
- Tuesday: Castelfiorentino, Montespertoli, Castelfiorentino.
- Wednesday: Castelfiorentino, Tresanti, Certaldo, Castelfiorentino.
- Thursday: Castelfiorentino, Montaione, Gambassi Terme, Castelfiorentino.
- Friday: Castelfiorentino, Pancole, San Gimignano, Castelfiorentino.
- Saturday: Goodbyes and departure of participants

- Castelfiorentino: The center of the tour and where the lodging will be located. Also, with the beautiful Church of S.Verdiana and the medieval “Oliveto” Castle.
- Montespertoli: famous for its fine Chianti wine.
- Certaldo: famous for the writer Boccaccio, for its street party “Mercantia” and the charming old town.
- San Miniato: famous for its fine white truffle.
- Montaione: known for landscapes of immense beauty and herritage.
- Gambassi Terme: famous for its thermal waters and for the church of S. Maria in Chianni.
- San Vivaldo: with its chapels depicting the life of Jesus and a small reconstruction of Jerusalem.
- San Gimignano: medieval town of disarming beauty, also known as the Manhattan of the Middle Ages for its ancient towers.
- Via Francigena: the ancient road that joins Canterbury and Rome, crossed every year by thousands of pilgrims.
- Streets of olive oil and Chianti wine.

Each day starts in the morning at about 8:30 am and ends approximately at 4:30 pm.
Each day will be approximately 40-50 kilometers with an elevation of about 500-600 meters distributed on slight uphill slope.
The roads are mostly dirt or paths in gravel, stone or packed earth.
The proper bike is mountain bike with front shocks.
The pace will be dictated by the guide; it will be slow to proceed together, with frequent stops to rest, drink, eat, take pictures, visit, and observe.
You need a minimal athletic training and a minimum mastery of driving the bike on uneven ground.

The tour will only be operated with a minimum of 2 participants.
The maximum number is of 10 participants.

During the tours, in case of need, the guide will deal with any solution of small mechanical failures or punctures.

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