Mountain bike tours on the Etruscan coast


Tour Duration:
5 days ( 3 days on bike)
Type of Tour:
"A margherita" (the start of the trip in the morning to the end in the afternoon will always be from your accommodation).
Dates of Tour:
No binding dates, Each participant can customize the departure date of the tour and be free from specific dates.
Tour start:
Finish tour:
On Thursday
Difficulty Level:


The tour is entirely set on the stretch of the southern coast of Tuscany, in the portion of the Maremma populated since ancient times by the flourishing civilization of the Etruscans.
The amazing scenary is the Tuscan landscape that sometimes settles slowly on the sea by the beautiful beaches while at times the sun faces you bursting over the cliffs.
Small medieval villages high above the entire landscape changes when you get closer to the sea; and behold, cypresses, vineyards and olive groves gives in to wheat fields and pinewoods. The green of the pine forests, the red soil rich in iron, the yellow of the wheat and of the sunflowers, the blue of the sea merge continuously, creating a landscape of disarming beauty.
You can also find a rich food and wine culture that is envied from all over the world. A place where authentic traditions have been handed down for hundreds of years.
At the end of the day, unbelievable food and an amazing glass of Chianti wine will give you the perfect energy to face the trip of the next day.

- Sunday: Arrival and welcome to Riotorto (Piombino)
- Monday: Riotorto, Follonica, Cala Violina, Follonica.
- Tuesday: Riotorto, Massa Marittima, Lago dell’Accesa, Riotorto.
- Wednesday: Riotorto, Piombino, Populonia, Baratti, Riotorto.
- Thursday: Goodbyes and departure of the participants

- Piombino: known for its harbor that has a charming old town that ends with an enormous terrace overlooking the sea.
- Populonia: famous Etruscan city where you can enjoy a unique view of the Elba’s island and the Gulf of Baratti.
- Parco Sterpaia : coastal park famous for its crystal clear sea
- Cala Violina: famous for its clear blue sea and its fine white sand.
- Follonica: modern town known for beach tourism and for the sea.
- Montioni: the small town from which departs the natural park of Montioni.
- Massa Marittima: medieval village known for its cathedral, overlooking the Gulf of Follonica.

Each day starts in the morning at about 8:30 am and ends approximately at 4:30 pm.
Each day will be approximately 40-50 kilometers with an elevation of about 500-600 meters distributed on slight uphill slope.
The roads are mostly dirt or paths in gravel, stone or packed earth.
The proper bike is mountain bike with front shocks.
The pace will be dictated by the guide; it will be slow to proceed together, with frequent stops to rest, drink, eat, take pictures, visit, and observe.
You need a minimal athletic training and a minimum mastery of driving the bike on uneven ground.

The tour will only be operated with a minimum of 2 participants.
The maximum number is of 10 participants.

During the tours, in case of need, the guide will deal with any solution of small mechanical failures or punctures.


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