What the Tuscany Bike Holidays does

We specialize in organizing mountain bike tours through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. We have put forth our passion and great efforts to insure that you will have an unforgettable experience.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride! We will take care of the rest. You won't need to consult maps or ask where to go because we will guide you.

We are mountain bike guides assisted by the hotels and farms holiday of the area. Tuscany Bike Holidays combine our passion and expertise in mountain biking with our in-depth knowledge of the area.

We consider the bicycle the best way of transportation.
Reveling in the ease of maneuvering in and out of traffic jams, feeling the Tuscan wind, and being kissed by the sun all while riding with other people. It is such a unique pleasureable experience! It will be easy to taste every little detail of a magnificent landscape in which every corner has something to offer. You will be able to see gorgeous views, stop to smell the roses, take pictures, meet and talk with farmers along the street, all from the seat of your bicycle. It will be a tiring ride but your body will thank you for it later.

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful environments in the world:
The unique landscape
The huge historical, artistic, and cultural heritage
The excellent Chianti wine
The crystalline sea
And last but not least, the amazing Tuscan food
In the 1800 Joseph Mery in “Scenes de la vie italienne” wrote, "Never the nature has placed so much care in composing a divine landscape, inspired by harmonies and resonances; never the nature has so well combined the light effects, the clear tones, the gold horizons, the purity of the hills that loom along the fertile and gentle azure infinity. Bright green pine forests and rows of cypress trees seem like to bathe in the river. Villas with flowers, castles, convents and churches revealed themselves and smile from time to time to the traveler, as dreams of love among gardens, or on the most highest hill as thoughts of heaven. In rural gardens, the man repeats the gestures of who follows the nature to give more power to the ground."

Each tour has been designed with care to ensure that the participant will receive the best possible views of landscape, history, and culture.
The paths through vineyards, forests, and farmland are mainly on dirt roads or on paths in gravel with various height differences to be overcome in ascending or descending with slopes.
The bicycle is a mountain bike with off-road tires, front shocks, 21 speed or more, and a braking system in perfect condition.

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